As one of the many challenges of an emerging film industry is a lack of knowledge in the basics of taking an idea from scratch to the screen.
Part of the main activities of The Mashariki African Film Festival and its contribution to the Rwandan Cinematic Scene is the workshops. Training provided by experienced filmmakers from all corners of the globe with different backgrounds.

My story, my journey, my passion

The 3RD edition (2017)
In this year MAAFF will work with the filmmakers equipped with at least the basic Skills of production. As the main challenge that most filmmakers face is raising funds, MAAFF will be provided them with the knowledge to implement their vision with little-to-no budget. The Low Budget Production Workshop was the main training of the third edition. It was mentored by Moussa Touré and was taking place from March 26th to 30th, 2017 at Rwanda Arts Initiative. It was mainly 12 students learning the essence of bringing an idea from script to screen with the little-to-no budget, in theory, and practice. The workshop brought young aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to face for 5 days a course by Moussa, renowned for his hybrid (Docu-fiction) style of films and the result was a film produced about the workshop itself. All this will be done on the workshop site, this means they will adapt the story to the location. The final result will be screened at the festival closing of the festival.
These are insights and sharing of experiences from the guest filmmakers with the local filmmakers and other people who take part in the film industry. Cultural Journalism, criticism and Analysis Olivier BARLET, a French Cinema Critic whose emphasis is on the African Cinema or “African Cinemas” -quoting him- gave a whole day class to 11 chosen students from the National University of Rwanda, Mount Kenya University and some local journalists. Most of these students are in their final years majoring in Journalism, Mass Media and Communication. The workshop took place at Goethe Institute. The participants watched together some films and Barlet tested their observing eye, after what he would ask them to formulate their arguments. It is clear that we will need more critical eyes to work against and with the filmmakers if our stories are to be told appropriately. Building up a production Dossier Masterclass Fund-seeking is a paramount skill if one wants to build a stable career in filmmaking. Aurelien BODINAUX should know as he has been a producer for several years, producing successful projects internationally. He was the mentor of the 6 hours Masterclass (from March 28th to 29th, 2017) at Goethe Institut Kigali, in which he shared some of his knowledge to 11 students from the local film unions of directors and producers. The recruitment was facilitated by the Rwanda Film Federation. The workshop was taking place from 9.00 am to 12.00, which made a total of Six (6) hours.

Cinema Unites Africa

The Second Edition (2016)

Pre-production Workshop

Conducted by the Swiss-Rwandan film director KANTARAMA Gahigiri who was also the Godmother of the festival. The 15 participants were selected and learned the craft of planning a film project before shooting. Among them were students from local Film schools.

Acting workshop

Conducted by IBRAHIM Ahmed Pino, the main actor of the internationally acclaimed film TIMBUKTU by Mauritanian film director Abderhamane Sissako. During the period of Three days, 45 participants (15 in the pre-production workshop and 30 in the acting workshop), enjoyed not only the filmmaking course prepared by these two mentors but also the priceless advice about the cinema industry in Africa and worldwide. At the end of the workshop, the two classes put what they have learned in practice by shooting a test film. At the closing ceremony of the festival, all the participants were awarded on stage with certificates of participation.

Africans, we cherish our stories

The First Edition (2015)

Writing and Directing

In the First edition 2015, MAAFF focused on equipping the workshop participants with the basics skills in writing and directing. With the Mentorship of Kantarama Gahigiri and Frederic Bailiff, the Directors of Tapis Rouge, Elias Ribeiro, and Cajetan Boy; 11 applicants underwent an intensive four days’ workshop on the Basics of Taking an idea from Script to screen. Two winning scripts were picked, after which two production teams were made from the Participants and the 2 workshop coordinators. 2 short films were produced “Ishaba” by Yves Amuli and “Umuturanyi” by Ganza Moise. Both these short films were screened at the closing of the festival. Ishaba was later screened in France at the Festival d’amiens in 2016 where the Director attended.

Sound masterclass

A sound engineering masterclass was organized on the side in partnership with the East African Film Network(EAFN)