La Mazda jaune et sa sainteté


A conceptual experiment on what it means to begin a film with a black image, develops into a subtle personal journey about the filmmaker. The story of a Belgian missionary falling in love with a Rwandese girl, is woven together with images of a what this heritage means to their daughter

Duration: 10:00
Country of Origin: Rwanda

Director: Sandra Heremans

Sandra Heremans (1989, Rwanda) is an art historian and debut filmmaker. The power of the (moving) image always fascinated her. Heremans received a MA in Art History and a second MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Both of her master’s theses focused on the power of the symbol and its representation in art theory by theorist Aby Warburg. She flourished in her art perception throughout her studies. Later, she discovered experimental film and this was a pivotal turning point. She had finally found a way to express herself as an artist. ‘La Mazda Jaune et Sa Sainteté’ is her first film.

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