Doors of Mercy


Nadia is a single working mother of a newborn baby in Cairo. Her daughter, Laila, has been born out of wedlock in a society in which there is no greater shame. Having decided to keep her baby against her family’s wishes of an abortion, both Nadia and Laila have become outcasts. Doors of Mercy follows Nadia’s struggle as she copes with both her family and a legal system designed to conceal and oppress children like Laila. As her baby falls ill, Nadia fights to obtain a birth certificate. Without it, her baby will not be given access to the medical care she so desperately needs.

Duration: 13:57
Country of Origin: Egypt

Director: Abdallah El DALY

Award winning Egyptian writer/Director, Fulbright scholar, Obtained his M.A. with honors in filmmaking at New York Film Academy LA, and worked on various film productions in Los Angeles & in Cairo which exposed him to various filmmaking styles. His latest short film screened at Cannes 2018 along with participation in other festivals around the globe. He started working as a TV reporter at MBC, the biggest entertainment network in the Middle East, from the age of 19 to 24. Was the only Egyptian filmmaker picked for the Fulbright grant in 2016.

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