Mabata Bata


Azarias is a young orphan shepherd, keeper of a herd of oxen, where Mabata Bata stands out. The oxen will be the basis of the “lobolo" payment, a traditional dowry that his uncle Raul must pay for his upcoming wedding. Azarias’ dream is to be a normal child, to go to school, gold that is supported by his grandmother. One day, when Azarias is in the pasture, Mabata Bata steps into a landmine, the result of the civil war in the country, and explodes. The young man fears his uncle’s reprisals and flees to the forest, taking with him the remaining oxen. The military affairs will determine an outcome that the magical world of ceremonials and spirits cannot change. The film is an adaptation of a short story by international awarded writer Mia Couto.

Duration: 1:13:15
Country of Origin: Mozambique

Director: Sol de CARVALHO

Sol de Carvalho was born in 1953 in Beira, Mozambique, studied at the Conservatório Nacional de Cinema in Lisbon and worked as a journalist, editor and photographer. Already during his studies in Portugal, Sol de Carvalho was a political activist against the Salazar’s regime. On his return to Mozambique he joined the independence efforts of the FRELIMO and was nominated as the director of the Serviço Nacional da Rádio Moçambique. Starting from 1979 he worked together with Mia Couto and Albino Magaia for the magazine Tempo. Sol de Carvalho finally took the decision to become a filmmaker in 1986. He was a founding member of the production company Ébano, together with Pedro Pimenta and Licínio Azevedo, though withdrew from it in order to establish Promarte, a production company based in Maputo. As a filmmaker he produced and directed many films, mostly documentaries and TV movies. Another Man’s Garden was his first feature length film. His work is socially committed and being a strong advocate for participatory processes he is often on the road in Mozambique to show his films in villages and to discuss them with the people.

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