Indigo is the colour blue of the aura given by a psychic to children endowed with clairvoyance or hypersensitivity (mediumnity). In the film, Nora, a 13-year-old girl, is confronted with violence and the world of the irrational. Her entourage is disturbed by her visions but seems indifferent to her suffering. Indigo tells the initiatory journey of this child in search of her own truth.

Duration: 1:31:05
Country of Origin: Morocco

Director: Selma BARGACH

Selma Bargach was born in Casablanca. She studied in the Sorbonne, art and the experimental cinema then she obtained a PhD. During her studies she worked as a trainee in editing at France 2. Later she was responsible of the audio-visual department at the ONA foundation. Moving on, she collaborated on the production of numerous films as a first assistant director. She has directed and wrote few experimental and narrative short films very quickly noticed. Her first full-length film "The fifth string" has been selected in several festivals in the world and obtained a lot of prizes. “Indigo” is her second feature.

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